Management of Grant Programs

Redemco is proud to have supported various incentive and awareness programs related to the economy and the use of clean and renewable energy on behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Quebec, as well as for Hydro-Quebec as part of its “Energy wise” programs.
For this type of program, we have processed several million reimbursement claims and circulated more than $2 billion.

An innovative Solution

Innovation is an integral part of Redemco’s approach to handling claims. Our innovative techniques have enabled us to significantly reduce bad repayments.
Redemco uses its experience, processes, and sophisticated management platform to effectively manage any program. This allows its clients to significantly increase their profitability, as well as their return on investment.
Redemco provides comprehensive tools and reports necessary for monitoring and analyzing the data collected. Like the services offered, these analysis tools are flexible and personalized to optimally respond to each of our clients, according to their specific needs.

A Client-Centered Approach

It is by having the needs of each of our clients at heart that we ensure the maintenance of healthy relationships and the promotion of a positive and credible image. Redemco provides quality, prompt, courteous and bilingual customer service to its customers, as well as to all stakeholders involved.
We ensure optimal management and the monitoring of all our clients’ programs. As much through flexible and personalized processes as through active listening to customers and participants. Redemco can closely monitor all activities surrounding its programs and make adjustments effectively if necessary.

For a turnkey service, synonymous with peace of mind, entrust us with the management of your programs.

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