Management of Insurance Programs

Redemco offers innovative solutions for the management of insurance programs. Specializing in the control and processing of documents and computer data, we have developed an elaborate management platform and we also have extensive experience in the management of payment/refund traffic.

Opt for the Redemco Expertise

  • Recognized for its reliability and transparency.
  • Offers efficient and rigorous tools for processing and controlling reimbursements.
  • Provides comprehensive real-time monitoring reports.
  • Treats your customers with the same respect by ensuring quality, bilingual, courteous, and proactive customer service. A considerable asset that sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Count on an experienced and dedicated team of workers.
  • Offers payment alternatives: checks, transfers, and electronic transfers.

The key to success at Redemco is to offer specialized and tailor-made services, adapted to the management of large-scale programs. Our solutions meet the requirements of a clientele with extremely high expectations in terms of control and compliance.

Redemco is your ally in setting up and managing your insurance program.

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