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In the digital age where the possibilities are endless, digital solutions are growing in popularity. Redemco is proud to offer this type of online solution to its customers for the management of their consumer rebate programs.

Digital Discounts

In recent years, we have developed and implemented various discount offers accessible through microsites and online portals. Our flexibility allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions that meet their specific needs.

Advantages of online discounts for the manufacturer:

  • Collection of information on consumers and their purchases (Database)
  • Better control of reimbursements
  • Higher face value rebates
  • Flexibility / Real-time adjustments
  • Control of quantities emitted
  • Ease of distribution, no inventory to manage and less waste of paper
  • Optimal targeting
  • Reduction in issuance / distribution costs
  • Higher ROI


Consumers greatly appreciate this type of promotion because with a few clicks, they can quickly and easily access information. With digital discounts, they can complete the submission of their claim from the comfort of their home.

The benefits of online discounts for consumers :

  • Save time and money
  • No shipment lost in the mail
  • Validation of the form fields before sending
  • Real-time monitoring of their complaint requests
  • Reduction of processing and payment times

The services offered by Redemco include among others :

  •  Management of online discount programs
  • Campaign management with invoice upload
  • Online contests


To make your online rebate program a success, entrust it to Redemco. We will be able to advise and guide you throughout the process!

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