Rebate Programs and Mailing Offers

Redemco offers several solutions to companies wishing to retain their customers by offering monetary incentives. Besides instant discount coupons, another strategy can be adopted. It is possible to offer deferred discounts.

Upon presentation of proof of purchase, delivery to consumers is made by:

  • direct deposit
  • check
  • prepaid cards
  • or any other promotional item

Discount offers are more often sent by mail however electronic coupon discount offers also exist.

An Effective Advertising Medium

This type of promotional effort provides an effective means of advertising. It entices people to buy a product by promising a substantially higher discount than regular coupons. However, only 1 to 20% of consumers claim their rebate. Since only a small percentage of people claim their rebate, the brand issues three to twenty times fewer refunds using this technique, compared to other forms of rebate programs.

Characterized by a strong sales incentive, but at a low claim rate, rebate programs therefore result in a higher ROI.

In addition, it allows the brand to establish direct and privileged contact with consumers and to collect a wealth of relevant data on its customers. It is therefore a practical tool that fits into the logic of a marketing intelligence system.

Redemco provides you with its vast experience in this field as well as its flexible platform, able to adapt to all your needs. You will be guided throughout the process so that you choose the best possible strategy to ensure that each of your projects is a success!

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