Who are We?

Redemco is a Canadian company specializing in the management of repayment and cash rebate programs. It offers a wide range of promotional marketing solutions and customer relationship tools.
Over the years, Redemco has acquired a leading position in Canada in the custom design of any type of consumer rebate program on behalf of manufacturers, retailers or any other company wishing to offer incentives.

Redemco is a second generation family business founded in 1984 by Mr. Gilles Nadeau. It has become the first rebate coupon reimbursement service in Quebec.
One by one, companies quickly realized that the coupon was a popular promotional tool among consumers. The arrival of wholesalers helped accelerate the growth of the company. Métro-Richelieu, IGA and Provigo have trusted Redemco for the processing of their coupons. This allowed them to become a key player in the reimbursement of coupons in Canada.

Redemco’s credibility and honesty have enabled them to establish their reputation in the Canadian market, which was an element of capital importance in the development of the company according to its founding president: “We had to inspire the same trust and demonstrate the same credibility as a bank,” he said.
Over the years, Redemco has diversified its operations and lines of business by offering new services and managing multiple mail-in rebate programs and contests on behalf of various companies and institutions.

Redemco in numbers is:

  • Rebate program: Some 200 customers in the manufacturing / distribution sector.
  • Couponing service: More than 500 manufacturing customers and major banners.
  • Hydro-Québec Energy Wise Program: Processing of more than 1,600,000 claims.
  • Eco-responsible programs of the Ministry of Natural Resources: Treatment of subsidies where more than 50 million dollars were given to participants.
  • Redemco has traded billions of dollars, processed 1.5 billion rebate coupons and over 9 million consumer rebates.

Always keen to offer innovative services to their customers, Redemco continues to develop solutions and processes to meet their needs, in a constantly changing market. In the digital age, Redemco has bet on innovation and offers digital solutions that add great value to various rebate programs.

• Offer personalized management services for all types of rebate programs, cash rebates as well as innovative solutions tailored to the retail promotional ecosystem.
• Support companies wishing to offer incentives to acquire and solidify their customer relationships, while providing them with an honest and personalized service.
• Generate a high return on investment and a value-added marketing information system

Our team

Gilles NadeauFounding President
Caroline NadeauGeneral Manager
450-679-7473 #223
Marie-Eve NadeauAccounts Director
450-679-7473 #227

Sabrina Lindsay- Relationship and Customer Experience Advisor
450-679-7473 #230

Nancy DugalRetailer / Manufacturer Service Assistant
450-679-7473 #231

Lyne BoissonneaultRetailer Support
450-679-7473 #225