Rebate Programs

Promotional tools bring great visibility to our clients and can help them promote a positive, credible and honest image. These tools influence not only the promotion aspect, but also the price aspect, two important elements of the 4 Ps of marketing.

In addition to being an effective means of advertising, this type of rebate promotion is characterized by a strong sales incentive and offers a high return on investment.

Indeed, consumers are very receptive to rebates, which allows a brand to solidify its customer relationship and acquire new consumers who will be willing to try a new brand if a rebate is offered.

Creating a promotion can often be complex, and good cost management requires careful planning of what the results will be. Redemco puts its vast experience to the benefit of its clients and assists them in selecting the best strategy, type of promotion, technology, media, appropriate budget and any other parameters that go into making an effective campaign.

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Digital Strategies

Data Analysis and Promotional Strategies

Rebate Programs and Mailing Offers

Management of Discount Coupons

Rebate Coupon Issuance Service

Reward and Loyalty Programs

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