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Over the past decades, Redemco has developed a great deal of expertise in the mail-in rebate management. From implementation to issuance of payments, through rigorous control of reimbursements. We have established effective and innovative procedures for efficient management of each offer. One of Redemco’s great strengths is to offer turnkey, tailor-made, customer-specific delivery programs.

The mail-in rebate prompts people to buy a product with the promise of a substantially higher rebate than regular coupons. At the time of purchase, this deferred cash incentive plays a decisive role in the final choice of the customer, who chooses more products with rebates.

This type of offer is an effective way for companies to promote their brand and offer incentives/rewards to their customers. Thanks to a strong power of loyalty, it is possible to establish privileged contact with consumers and reach them directly.

Other advantages of mail-in rebates over traditional coupons

  • Collection of information on consumers and their purchases (Database)
  • Better control of reimbursements
  • Higher face value rebates
  • Higher ROI

The services offered by Redemco include among others:

  • Management of mail-in rebate programs and subsidies
  • Competition management
  • Computerized entry of forms
  • Creation of consumer databases
  • Mailings (letters, samples, promotional items, etc.)

For your mail-in rebate to be a success, entrust it to Redemco. We will be able to advise and guide you throughout the process!

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