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The craze and popularity of the rebate coupon is undeniable:

  • The word “coupon” is one of the most popular searches on search engines.
  • The rebate coupon has been around for over 120 years and has since become a part of Canadian consumers’ habits.
  • The coupon is a real promotional attraction and loyalty tool that has been proven to be effective.

Moreover, if we are to believe the consumers who communicate with us and who come forward through forums and groups of all kinds on the internet, the supply of coupons does not seem to be sufficient to meet demand.

With the decrease in the use of paper and the boom in various technological proposals linked to the internet, the demand for the introduction of digital rebate coupons in the ecosystem of the retail market (more particularly in food) is growing stronger.

Redemco offers a complementary solution to retailers for authenticating rebate coupons at checkout. One system makes it possible to process all types of coupons, whether regular, electronic, traditional, or personalized. It also makes it easier to introduce cross-promotions. This type of system aims to direct the consumption of rebate coupons towards a 100% digital solution.

A Turnkey Service:

  •  Issue of electronic and digital rebate coupons
  • Access online and via mobile application
  • Unique and personalized barcode traceability system
  • Real-time validation at the time of the transaction
  • Management of a complex and always moving database
  • Management of payment/reimbursement traffic
  • Full integration into the couponing process already in place

Many Advantages:

  • Allows the management of all types of coupons in a single system
  • Increased sales by targeting and standing out more with generations X and especially Y and Z
  • Time savings at the checkouts
  • Avoids fraud and errors related to human manipulation
  • Simplified management, nothing more to return by mail
  • Reduces processing times

Thanks to our expertise, as well as our knowledge of the market and its various stakeholders, Redemco occupies a strategic position to bridge the gap between retailers, consumers, and manufacturers.

Redemco is the ideal partner to support you throughout your project.

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