Redemco has been able to develop, over the decades, a wide range of solutions for retailers. Our reputation has been built on years of good service with our coupon sorting service.

It is thanks to reliable, credible and honest service to retailers that our team has acquired an excellent reputation over the years.

Our Digital Solutions

Our vast experience in reimbursements, combined with the advent of new technologies, has allowed us to review our service, offering more current solutions to retailers. Redemco is proud to provide digital coupons solutions. We are able to connect to your system and thus manage the validation and authentication of all types of coupons in real time. The advantages associated with this processing and validation system are endless.

Do you Want to set up a Rewards and Loyalty Program?

Redemco is the ideal partner in the management of this type of program. Our vast expertise allows us to develop tailor-made programs corresponding to specific needs and thus collect a wealth of information on our customers.
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