Reward and Loyalty Programs

Customer relations are at the heart of business concerns. All companies want to retain their customers: it is no longer enough to acquire customers, it is also necessary to think of retention strategies.

Brand loyalty is everyone’s goal.

Benefits of loyalty programs:

  • Create a link between the customer and the brand
  • Ensure the long-term retention of customers
  • Maintain / Increase turnover
  • Collect data (profile of your consumers)
  • Encourage your customers to become natural ambassadors
  • Generate personalized offers

Redemco uses its vast experience and offers innovative solutions to manage the rewards programs of these customers.

Several alternatives are available to our customers for setting up and managing their loyalty program. Whether through an online portal, a mobile application, a loyalty card or by sending documents by mail.

Discounts can be paid in different forms: check, wire transfer, prepaid cards, coupons or promotional items. The possibilities are endless.

Make Redemco your partner in your customer relationships and contact us to find out more!

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