Digital Strategies

Online promotional solutions have a host of advantages over traditional methods.

They allow you:

  • Better targeting.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Better control and monitoring.
  • Collection of relevant, value-added data that fits into a marketing intelligence system.
  • The efficiency of efforts and therefore a higher return on investment.

With the strong popularity of coupons, Redemco is always on the lookout for innovative couponing solutions. Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, we offer innovative online campaign management solutions tailored to your needs.

Redemco offers the management of several services such as:

  • Digital programs
  • Contests
  • Personalized digital coupons
  • Traceability systems

Plus, retailers can have peace of mind with our complementary instant manufacturer rebate coupon authentication solution.

Our sophisticated service, combined with our reimbursement service, allows us to offer you better management and superior monitoring of your promotions. No more so-called “anonymous” coupons.

For your web coupon campaigns and digital strategies, do business with Redemco!

Digital Solutions to Retailers

Traceability System

Online Contest

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