Management Programs

Redemco offers solutions for the management of grant and cash rebate programs of all kinds.
In this area, you have to know how to inspire the same trust and demonstrate the same credibility as a bank. Redemco’s reliability and transparency have allowed it to establish its reputation on the market since it was established in 1984. This is what, without a doubt, has enabled it to rise to the forefront of reimbursement agencies in Quebec.

Why Choose Redemco?

Redemco specializes in the control and processing of documents as well as computer data. We have developed an elaborate management platform and we also have a strong experience in the management of payments and mass refund traffic.
Redemco offers specialized and tailor-made services, adapted to the management of large-scale programs. Our solutions meet customers with high requirements in terms of control and compliance, such as public and semi-public bodies, insurance companies, financial institutions and many more.

Management of Grant Programs

Management of Insurance Programs

External Administrative Support

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