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Our services

Redemco has been offering an array of services to help companies manage promotions effectively and easily since 1984. As Quebec's coupon redemption leader, Redemco also distributes promotions and postal rebates, and creates, develops, manages and analyzes key consumer databases.

Coupons in every size and flavor

Redemco's extensive experience with coupons has given us the opportunity to develop flexible and effective ways of handling all types of consumer discount coupons. Our most popular coupons formats include:

  • Flyer coupons
  • Free standing inserts
  • e-coupons
  • Intelligent coupons (with a unique code)
  • Discounts on the purchase of several packages of a single product
  • Discounts on the purchase of a combination of several products

Redemco also regularly develops new concepts for our clients. To find out more, please speak with one of our advisors.

Doing things the Redemco way

Innovation is a fundamental part of the Redemco approach to business. The procedures we've developed over the years allow us to accelerate coupon-handling time so you get faster results with lower costs.

Redemco's innovative techniques also allow us to drastically reduce the rate of misredemption related to discount coupon promotions. We're also proud to say that our clients report considerable increases in returns on their promotions with us.

Postal promotions

Value-added promotions

Redemco offers an extensive line of postal promotion management services. These services allow companies that want to add value to their promotions to establish a privileged connection with consumers by contacting them directly. Among the services we offer are:

  • Mail reception and opening
  • Draw management
  • Entry of form data
  • Creation of consumer databases
  • Postal rebates
  • Postal samples
  • Management of direct-marketing campaigns

Data management and analysis

Effective information management is crucial for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition. Promotions must be planned carefully and intelligently in order to maximize profits.


Redemco works actively with clients to develop tools and statistical reports that clarify and communicate the results of every promotion. Our reports provide companies with what they need to measure the impact of their promotional activities and effectively plan subsequent promotions.

CRM database management

With promotions taking an ever-bigger role in customer relationship management (CRM), Redemco has developed a database system especially designed to effectively manage the collection and analysis of customer information for promotional purposes.

Datamining and trend identification

Redemco's datamining services help companies understand and accurately anticipate customer behaviour. Our experts specialize in the following areas:

  • Consumer buying behaviour analysis
  • Loyalty analysis
  • Development of predictive models
  • Development of predictive models
  • Micro-segmentation (clustering)
  • Consumer profiling
  • Share of wallet analysis

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