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How to sort coupons


1. Separate coupons by manufacturer, using the first three digits of the code.

Example : 086 0001

2. Arrange them in groups by promotion or by cash value.

3. Indicate the quantity and value of the coupons, including any handling charges on the slip (i.e., 0.1025 per coupon).

712 Kellogg

4. If the manufacturer's code is not indicated on the slip, please use a blank box to indicate the required information.

731 Effem Food

Please fasten each bundle with an elastic band wherever possible. Otherwise, use a paper clip or staple and write the number of coupons on the bundle.

These important steps will help us process your coupons more quickly. And if there are any discrepancies between your calculations and ours, it will be easier for us to understand each other.

Please note that we can only reimburse coupons for a maximum of six (6) months after their expiry (unless otherwise indicated). Remember to send us your coupons regularly so they don't expire before they reach our offices.

Thank you for your cooperation. It's a pleasure to serve you!

The Redemco Team

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